DEMO 2016

by A.S.M.

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Cassette to be released by Yersinia Pestis Records in Fall of 2016.


released September 27, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Leland Hoth
Art by Yuri Kahan



all rights reserved


A.S.M. Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Vacant Cross
Suck life from christ corpse
Stripped, unmarked grave
Tombstone immovable, rot in his cave.
Vacant cross, silent community
Lifeless body, no immunity
Hollow form, Golgotha setting
Evidence of termite feast
Reveal his body, usurping the spirit
Demons fight for Unholy position
Heeding none but Dark Master
Track Name: Hell Fire Reign
Blazing chariot, javelin in fist
Towards our enemy, cavalry attack
Arrow barrage, helpless defense
Battlefield supremacy

On wings of Satan
Mighty overlord
Black devotion
Hell Fire Reign

Throats slit, impaled shock troops
Marrow under the wheels,
Ruthless precision
Track Name: Abyssal Hate
Decimation, breathe black fumes
Dark horizon, Satan sent death
Envoys of antichrist carry the plague
Abyssal hate, lucifer might

Onward christian soldiers,
March to your death
Front line slaughter
Miserable death
Track Name: Chaos Insignia
War widows, putrid stacks of bodies
Grief settles upon His massacre
None will endure, victorious impure
Chaos insignia, Satan Militia
Bear arms to Lord
Trample bodies, bullet wound
Life ripped from their hands
Greet death with open arms
Track Name: Pillaging Christendom
Sunset, begin the attack
Mass of oil and fire
Monolith battering ram,
Prepare for victory

Infernal weapons, oxen bear weight of primitive cannon
Wield axe of bronze, crush holy gate

Smash relics in the name of satanic might
Conquer holy city, perverse mockery

Christ consumed by fire